Protect your website data with Umber Creative’s 2 Factor Authentication

We’re pleased to announce that months of our web team’s hard work have come to fruition and we are now able to offer our clients the option to upgrade to our new 2 Factor Authentication offering. 

What is 2 Factor Authentication?

2 Factor Authentication (or 2FA for short), is something you’ve probably already experienced, but until now may not know its name. It’s the process of verifying your identity twice whilst logging into a system or purchasing something online. 

You may have to enter a code or pin sent to your phone or email address, or generate a code in an app which you then enter into a website. The process is to prove that, you not only know the password to an account but also - have access to the mobile address or email associated with it. 

Yes, it slows you down and yes, it can be a bit annoying. But it’s a huge step forward in protecting your data and ensuring only you can access it.

Does my organisation need it?

Have you ever considered what would happen if someone hacked into your website and stole your data? What information could they access? How could this potentially damage your business?

2FA can help to protect your online systems and keep your data safe. Any business with the ability to log into and edit its website would benefit from 2FA but it’s particularly useful for those storing personal data of customers or operating business systems via the web.

It’s not essential by any means, and there are other options out there to help protect passwords. But, as businesses become more accountable for the way in which they protect, use and access their data, it can offer a valuable extra layer of security against a rising security threat level.

How does it work?

After doing a great deal of research, we decided to create our very own bespoke system to ensure it best suits our clients. 

The Umber 2FA system will work by text message. We believe this is the easiest mechanism for most users, however we can adapt this to cater for individual requirements.

Do I need a new website to implement this?

No, we can offer this as an upgrade to our clients as and when it’s required.

I’m interested, what’s the next step?

Drop us a line and we’ll be happy to talk through the process with you in more detail and assess whether upgrading to support 2FA is right for your business. 

Get in touch.