Umber client wins BBC Sports Personality ‘Unsung Hero’ award

We’d like to congratulate much-loved Umber Creative client, Sam Barlow, for winning the ‘Unsung Hero’ category at the 2021 BBC Sports Personality of the Year Awards!

Sam founded sports group Fitmums and Friends back in 2009, to connect and get active with fellow like-minded mums. Fast forward 13 years, and Fitmums and Friends is now helping thousands of people across the region. It’s grown to an impressive 21 groups, supporting anyone who wants to get fit including mums, dads, grandparents, children and those with additional needs.

We first started to work with Fitmums and Friends back in 2018, when they approached us for help with building a spreadsheet that would organise their runners and payments. After our initial meeting, we soon realised they needed much more than that, so we proposed a full digital overhaul of their operations. 

We implemented a phased roll-out of bespoke tech designed to save them time and focus on expansion. We built a new ecommerce store to handle all payments, subscriptions and kit purchases. We automated many of their internal processes to reduce time spent on admin and built a bespoke iOS and Android app to help volunteers manage activities and allow runners to log their performance.

The end result was a much more efficient Fitmums and Friends, and the impact was immediately recognised with an increase in subscriptions and expansion into new locations.

We’re so proud of the small role we’ve played in the success of Fitmums and Friends. It’s always rewarding to see our hard work having a positive impact on a client’s operations. But when our hard work is contributing towards thousands of people getting fit, healthy and accessing life-changing support, it’s a truly special feeling indeed.

We’re really excited about what the future holds for Sam and Fitmums and Friends, and we’ll be sure to support them every step, walk and run along the way! 

Find out more about our work with Fitmums and Friends.