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Brand development and marketing materials.


Active Humber


Brand Development and Logo Creation


To work with the Active Humber’s Board, Key Partners and Marketing Team to create a brand which reflects 3 distinct areas of work within the organisation whilst delivering a logo with a strong graphical language that can translate across multiple applications.


Active Humber is a charitable company whose purpose is to help people of all ages and backgrounds to improve their health and well-being by taking part in regular physical activity and sport.

At the time of the logo being developed Active Humber were delivering into 3 distinct user groups; Sport, Education and Community. This posed a unique challenge to display the 3 elements working in their own direction but always coming back to source to deliver their core message of 'Making a region where people are proud to participate and see the benefits in a sporting and healthier lifestyle'.

Working closely with the Marketing Manager and the Chief Executive we worked through a consultation process of delivering concepts, challenging ideas and refinement until all parties where happy with the final design.


Umber Creative produced a clean logo set with clear usage guidelines that remained true to the original brief during a process which had seen numerous changes to meet varying the boards demands. The final brand features the 3 key areas of support displayed as arrows, all pointing in their own direction but connecting together to form a strong, unified, hexagonal shape. This was expanded to a host of marketing materials, from display stands, through business cards to brochures. All of which were supported with guidelines suggesting layout, colour and typeface usage.

Active Humber Exhibition Support, roller banners, Digital print and large format print.
Print and brochure design for Active Humber
Branding and logo design for Active Humber Courses for All, youth insight and activating confidence.