Time2Volunteer Branding & Website

A new brand identity and online platform for innovative volunteering initiative.




Creating a brand identity fit for large community.


Fully responsive and accessible website.


Being a new initiative, Time2Volunteer needed much more than a website. It needed a voice, an identity and clear, concise messaging. With 20 partners involved, we had to ensure each was represented and happy with the direction we were going in, as well as making the end result look great and work seamlessly for all users.


Working with 20 separate clients on one project is never going to be easy, but having worked with many of them on previous projects, we knew some friendly faces! Our Creative Director, Kevin, was the lead on the account and liaised with everyone to establish a name and define design ideas. It was decided the new partnership needed a positive and empowering identity, full of life and energy to reflect the hard work the volunteers do every day. 

The branding kit is filled with simple design shapes that are present throughout the website. The Time2Volunteer logo was constructed by modifying letter shapes and utilises vivid colours to connect shape and line with the wider brand devices.

Tech-wise, we had to ensure the website could be plugged into third party software BeCollective, a volunteer management system that allows organisations to manage and collate volunteer data. The website had to be easy to use by both volunteers and organisations, as it is essentially placing the local volunteer sector under one roof. 


Time2Volunteer is helping to streamline the process of volunteering in Hull and East Yorkshire. It’s an innovative approach that’s already making a big difference to the local community.

The website itself has been well-received by the partners and end users, and BeCollective has even enquired about using it as a case study to showcase their software functioning within a great design.

Technologies used:

MySQL, PHP, HTML, Sass, CSS, Javascript