Humber Recovery & Wellbeing College

Online Recovery College System.


Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust


Design and creation of Humber Recover College Platform


Exhibition print and supply of roller banners


Website design and development, custom web application design


Traditionally, the courses are delivered face-to-face. But when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, services were drastically impacted by restrictions on face-to-face contact.

The Humber Recovery & Wellbeing College needed to find a way to offer their services online, so asked for our help.


This project was unlike any other we’d delivered before. As we were working during a lockdown, every meeting had to be virtual, from the initial requirements gathering right through to final delivery.

We even changed our usual working process to help the client understand our vision, by building a rudimentary prototype during the early stages of the project. This allowed them to click around and get a feel for what we were proposing. It also helped to build trust; they’d never met us in person or visited Umber Towers so we wanted them to know they were in safe hands from the very beginning!


We designed and built an entirely bespoke solution to help the Humber Recovery & Wellbeing College continue to operate despite Covid-19 restrictions. This ensured vital support and guidance was, and continues to be provided to those in need during a very challenging time.

As well as benefiting its end users, the platform has made life easier for those who deliver the courses, too. Even those with limited tech skills can easily build courses on the platform and deliver them using E-learning and video conferencing features, without any intervention from a developer. The system also logs data and creates reports to help the college prove its impact.

The client has already reported to us they’ve reached more people than ever before with better than 95% positive user feedback since the platform’s launch.

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