Zoom Entertainments are the UK’s number 1 Karaoke supplier. They produce and sell karaoke tracks by a number of mediums but their existing website from a previous supplier was in dire need of an update after it had been plagued by technical issues and had become dated. As a main revenue stream of the business, Zoom entertainments needed to turn to a trusted partner for the future of their eCommerce site. Having recently impressed them with our work on their sub-brand of Alpha Backing Tracks they asked us to rebuild their main brands website and supporting architecture.


We were able to come up with designs that organised the many different file formats and genres on sale and create an attractive website. Equally as importantly we were able to create a smooth order process and a secure environment for the digital content on sale.


We created integrations with the clients amazon S3 account for track storage and instantiated a computing optimised amazon EC2 instance to process his back catalogue into sample mp3s and videos. Part of this included our team becoming familiar with the karaoke machine format CD+G that is used to generate the graphics and find a way for the site to automatically process these to make web formatted videos for samples.

A smooth eCommerce process was key to the sites success with automated delivery of the purchased tracks to the customer.

An additional section was later added to the site that allows users to pick tracks into a playlist to order their own custom physical disc (or discs) via the website. We liaised with a specialist 3rd party hardware provider to jointly create a specification for this process. We developed the tools on the website to utilise Amazons’ SQS (Simple queueing system) to relay the custom disc orders to the disc burning machine in the client’s office.
The website also manages individual track licensing in different parts of the world and we have developed a geographic restriction facility to allow the client to specify which tracks should be available to download in which region.

Custom reports are generated in the management section of the site to show sales figures, track popularity and genre popularity. These reports are now used to educate business strategy in selecting which tracks to produce.

The site performs excellently for sales and has run smoothly since launch with hundreds of transactions daily the site out performs it predecessor for the direct sale for MP3 downloads.

technologies used

Amazon S3, Amazon SQS, CD+G, PHP, MySQL, HTML, Sass, CSS

key features


Zoom Entertainments


Redevelopment of a business critical eCommerce website and downloadable content delivery mechanism for the UK’s number 1 Karaoke supplier.

Ability for customer to create a custom playlist and have it automatically burned onto CD

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