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Now that the paint has dried following a demanding but incredibly worthwhile move into bespoke offices, we thought it was about time to share a little more info.

For those of you who have been down to see us in the past, you’ll know that The University of Hull’s campus was our home for many years. In fact, we’d been there since opening in 2010, first at the Enterprise Centre and more recently in Newlands Science Park. Whilst we loved the vibe of the university’s grounds, we always planned to invest in our own premises. That’s why when we spotted Edmund House in St Mark’s Square up for sale, we leapt into action.
The thing is, Edmund House wasn’t exactly ready to move into. Call us picky, but we like a design studio to have an intact roof and working taps. This is because until a few months ago, the site was an unloved and long-forgotten warehouse, with tons of potential.

Let it never be said that we don’t relish a challenge.

Whilst we had a clear vision of how we wanted the place to look, we needed a little help to get the ball rolling. However, we didn’t get a little help; we got bucketsful of it. Whilst Hull City Council offered invaluable advice and support, Humber LEP provided essential funding through the RGF Growing the Humber programme.
David Kilburn, Chair of the decision-making Investment Panel, explains what the programme aims to achieve:

“One of the Humber LEP's strategic priorities is 'Thriving Successful Businesses'. We supplied 20% of the total project cost, with a key requirement being that three new jobs are created. Umber Creative is part of the Humber's innovative and growing digital sector, helping to make the area an attractive place to invest.”
One of the job roles in question is that of our new Technical Director, Tom Holland.

With over sixteen years of commercial experience in delivering online solutions, for clients that include EDF Energy, Sony, Royal Sun Alliance and Digital Cinema Media, Tom brings to Umber advanced full-stack development skills. These are combined with specialisms in building content management and backend systems, as well as API creation and integration.
This is essential to our continued growth and service enhancement, especially because we believe that all of our websites should be made from scratch. Rather than adapting a skin through an open-source platform such as WordPress, we build an entire system from the foundations up. This means that its infrastructure is not only highly secure, but also entirely catered to the client’s needs. Meanwhile, we always consider future-proofing, so when users needs change, we can respond in a jiffy.
Whilst our new home provides room to manoeuvre and bounce around new ideas, our expanding team enables Umber’s offerings to become more wide-ranging and polished than ever before. In the process, the regeneration of Edmund House has resulted in this pocket of the city centre having its heritage revived and brought back into focus.

This is all very much in line with Hull City Council’s mission.
Councillor Martin Mancey, Portfolio Holder for Economic Regeneration, explains:

"Part of our role at the City Council is to encourage and support business investment. We were pleased to assist Umber Creative with their growth plans. We wish them much success in the future."

This commitment to evolving our brand also reflects our passion for the city. We love Hull very much and want to play our part in its economic development. We’re not alone in this mindset, as the support that we’ve received from numerous local businesses during our period of transition has been overwhelming. These include P E Davis & Son, Delaney Marlin, 360 Accountants and Natwest, all of whom went above and beyond to help make everything run as smoothly and swiftly as possible.
We now deliver a greater range of smart strategies and tailored solutions than ever before. So, don’t you think it’s time you visited for a tour of the studio and to meet the new team members?

You can find Umber Creative at Edmund House, St Mark’s Square, Hull, HU3 2DQ. Let us know when you’d like to visit and we’ll pop the kettle on.